Event Transportation Management Services

Organise, monitor and excel with one-click transportation service for big scale events.

Powering Event Transportation Management Services
For Everyone

We are a one stop solution to all you event transportation & management needs to eliminate all the hassle of transporting the attendees in an event.

  • Guest App
  • Chauffeur App
  • Web Administrative Panel
  • Dispatcher Panel

Guest App

Allows users to know about their booking details along with a dynamic UI to make their ride perfectly enjoyable.

  • Secure Login
    Twice a year we offer Bi-Annual Reviews to provide our clients with an overall view of the entire fleet. During this review we will identify problem vehicles that may be over mileage and will work with you to fix the problem.

  • Seamless Bookings
    User receives ride details including the venue, driver’s name, arrival time, vehicle number, etc.

  • Real-time Updates
    Shows the driver location, route taken, ETA in just a fraction of seconds.

  • Special Instruction
    Enables user to add any kind of special instruction while boarding the car, such as type of drinks, seats, etc.

  • Notification Alerts
    Sends notification to the user through SMS and app interface about the scheduled rides and venue details.

  • Emergency Alert
    Allows to raise a concern in case of any discrepancy or emergency during the ride.

Chauffeur App

A module for drivers to receive the updates of scheduled rides from the dispatchers and provide a quick booking for the attendees.

  • Sign up
    Enable drivers to fill in all the mandatory details about them, like license number, vehicle number, name, and vehicle model, and year.

  • Dashboard
    Shows all the features and updates all-inclusive with respect to the ride allotted. It includes every detail about the passenger and driver for easy transit.

  • Start/End Trip
    This marks the beginning of the trip from the pick-up venue and end of the trip at the destination.

  • Real-time Requests
    Show the booking details to the driver, such as pick-up/drop-off venue, user contact, timing of their duty.

  • Call Masking
    Protects the contact details of the VIPs by masking their contact numbers.

  • Navigation
    Enables the driver to see the shortest route to reach the destination, bypassing signals, traffic and bad roads.

  • Trip Details
    Entire log of the trip can be accessed by the driver, for proper nativation, departure time to reach destination, and other requests by the users.

  • Emergency Alert
    Allows driver to call for emergency in case any eleventh hour issues.

Web Administrative Panel

A single point contact to organize and manage transportation in any big scale event.

  • Dashboard
    Shows all the important KPIs and features after logging into the account.

  • Driver Management
    Organize the trip for the guests, and send notification on driver app and user app about the pick-up and drop details.

  • Passenger Management
    View important details of the attendees and track any last minute changes.

  • Trip Details
    Log the details of every trip that is carried out along with its first pick-up and last drop-off for the event.

Dispatcher Panel

This well-engineered panel is responsible for scheduling the ride, taking change request, assigning drivers for attendees, tracking car location, and generating the ride details after the completion of each ride.

  • Request Management
    Multiple dispatchers are employed to allot driver for each attendee, with online booking confirmation and other details.

  • Track Driver
    Monitor and view real-time driver availability and his current location.

  • Trip Tracking
    Displays entire trip details in real-time on a map along with managing emergency situation efficiently.

  • Generate Bookings
    Creates instant car booking for bulk customers, and provides accurate ride details.

Provide the Best Event Transportation
Experience to Your Guests

We combine technology with comfort, class, and care to deliver
top-notch transportation for the attendees of your event.

Key Features

Why Choose Our Event Transportation
Management App Solution?

  • Fully Customizable

    Customize your event transportation management app to meet the specific needs of VIP guests.

  • Robust Booking Engine

    The solution offers a highly scalable and reliable transport booking experience for customers.

  • Passenger-Friendly

    Our design team has thoughtfully created intuitive touchpoints for all the customers.

  • Service & Maintenance

    Help our clients with an end-to-end solution to deploy the event transportation management software.

  • Payment Gateway Support

    We support all popular payment gateways with the option to integrate new ones as per the business requirements.

Implementation And Launch

We build a customizable app model for private and government organizations to create their own version of the event transportation management app.


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